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Can Complicated "Designs" be Simplified?

Posted by Ankit Sahu on February 19, 2019

Every time we walk down a street in India, the design clutter hits us!

Haven't you noticed it?


Signages, communication of brands, billboards, banners, etc. all screaming for attention at the same time!

And the problem with most of them is they try to convey too many messages at the same time.

At the end of the day when we think back and try to recall, we don't remember even one of them.

Have a look at the image below and see what we mean -


screaming brands


With our years of experience designing for numerous brands, we have learnt 1 thing that works best -

"All designs must be simple for them to cut through the clutter"

less is more in design


Let's consider another example of simple but powerful brand eyedentity.

baba ramdev

Baba Ramdev’s own Eyedentity is quite brilliant - A simple orange robe and a black beard.

Easy to recognise, simple to remember, a long-lasting effect!

Stands out in any crowd, doesn't it?


But what if he used the same design and colour elements for his 'Patanjali' brand?

What if he designed his products to reflect himself?


The packaging would have looked more or less like the MNC brands he hates.

Here's how it could have been -

patanjali bottle orange

But it's not and hence they had to go with a different eyedea

patanjali bottle

So, How do we simplify design?

It's actually not very difficult to do this.

All you have to do is keep simplifying the design and stop at a point before it starts losing its meaning.


Let us illustrate it for you -

What do you see when you stop to use the toilets on an Indian Highway?


ladies & gents toilet board 1


Artwork of the artist to show his skill.

Arrows and words. But is that really needed?


Consider this much simpler Eyedea that has spread across the world.

ladies & gents toilet board 2

Let's simplify it even more

The man and woman form simplified to a silhouette.

ladies & gents toilet board 3

Let's try to simplify even further?

ladies & gents toilet board 4

Doesn't make sense anymore right? Now it has lost the meaning!

Hence, we stick with the previous design eyedea which has been globally accepted by all races and cultures.


Simplicity in design creates memorability and we at Seagull believe that - "Every Brand can FLY"

every brand can fly


Closing thoughts

How would you simplify your design without losing its Eyedea?

Shouldn't your brand also FLY?

Don’t have an Eyedea for your brand? Shouldn’t you?

Let us help you answer those questions - Share your requirements with us

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