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Seagull Advertising is selected for the prestigious Google Elevator Program 2019!

Posted by Seagull Advertising on August 16, 2019
Seagull Advertising

Every year, Google handpicks a select group of its top-performing agencies, to take part in their prestigious Elevator Program. So our team at Seagull Advertising are incredibly proud to break the news that we are one of those top 15 Agencies in India based on performance and metrics that Google thinks valid.

Getting selected for this program implies that these agencies are some of the fastest-growing agencies in India and are well-equipped with a team of domain knowledge experts.

For us, it enables our team to receive advanced training on advertising solutions and business acumen, as well as Google's support in winning new businesses. It's an excellent opportunity for our agency, and we are excited to share the knowledge we learn with you (our partners) over the coming months.
How does it work?

Google selects the agencies based on who have been consistently providing outstanding results to their clients and their perception about the agency's potential for further growth. So, over the course of the next few months, the agency heads are invited for 1-to-1 group sessions & coaching session.


Google Elevator Program

We understand that it is an outstanding opportunity, and we are so stoked to implement what we learn in everything that we do!

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